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Barbacoa Beef

Succulent braised and shredded beef perfect for tacos, enchiladas, salads, or even just to dig into with a fork. Very similar to my favorite carnitas recipe, but with beef instead of pork and some slightly different seasoning.

Texas Red Chili – Sort of

I prefer to add a small amount of beans and tomatoes, even though that’s not really what Texas Red Chili is. This is not an authentic Texas Red Chili, but more of an inspired-by recipe.



Ingredients 1 5-6 pound piece of pork belly, skin on 1 2-3 pound boneless, center-cut pork loin fennel parsley crushed […]

Lamb Stew

Ingredients Lamb stew meat (on the bone) Parsnips Carrots Potatoes Sweet potatoes Onions Garlic Celery Butternut squash Mushrooms Salt Pepper […]