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thai basil gin fizz

Thai Basil Gin Fizz

I bet this would be delicious with a bit of Thai basil muddled into the lime juice and bitters, but I didn’t have any on hand to try it. The flavor from the bitters alone is pretty awesome.

gin and cherries

Cherry Gin Fizz

I featured this cocktail at a recent holiday party and it went over really well, even amongst folks who typically don’t love gin. I garnished some of those with rosemary, some with thyme, and some with just the lime.

Pumpkin Bread with a Crispy Lid

This recipe is straight from Smitten Kitchen and I would recommend checking out her post for more details if you haven’t made it before. This differs from the pumpkin bread I grew up with my mom making, which I still love, but I’ve continued to make this ever since I found the recipe (and my mom loves it too). I sometimes add walnuts into the mix, and I definitely serve with cream cheese for spreading on each slice.

maple chive parsnip cakes

Maple Chive Parsnip Cakes

A little sweet for my tastes, hence the reasoning behind only 1 teaspoon of maple syrup, but if you dig the sweet stuff feel free to add more like a tablespoon or two of syrup. I served these with Sriracha and it was the perfect complement.