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Polenta Cookies with Rosemary and Olive Oil

If you serve these cookies warm, the limonene terpene in the fresh rosemary will fool your taste buds into thinking they’re lemon cookies even though there’s not a drop of lemon in them. The air-dried cookies made me think of eating pre-packaged powdered doughnettes (except way the heck more flavorful [and healthy!]).

Banana Oat Muffins

This muffin recipe is not your standard sweet, dense banana bread.  The crumb on these muffins is light and fluffy thanks to the oat flour, and the sweetness is minimal. They toast up beautifully and are lovely with a little smear of butter.

Creme Anglais

Crème Anglaise

This recipe is very sweet which will be great on a plain cake or unsweet fruit, but if the item being topped is sweet, I would cut back on the sugar content.


Apple-Onion Pan Sauce

Autumn has arrived in New England. This particular season is so wonderful: clean and crisp, cool and colorful. It welcomes a harvest of new crops from the farms, and with that tons of apples. This recipe will only use up one of those little beauties, but it’s tasty.


Rocky Cookies

This cookie is hearty. It can be made with every ingredient in the list, or only a few of them. You can play with combinations for flavor such as pumpkin and walnut, or chocolate and cherries, or sunflower and raisin. Personally, I love to have a little bit of dark chocolate, lots of different fruits (prune, fig, raisin, cranberry), some wheat berries, a mixture of flours (barley and whole wheat)- a little bit of everything.