Banana Oat Muffins

It’s summer in New England which means that our weather has changed to incorporate heat & humidity on the regular, […]

Hakurei Salad

Hakurei, Fennel, and Spring Onion Salad

Hakurei turnip, fennel, and spring onion are all in abundance this time of year in New England, and coming to us frequently in the farm share. This is a super quick, easy, refreshing, and crunchy side dish to add to any meal. It was such a perfect complement to our grilled salmon the other evening, and the leftovers made for a great snack the next day.

French Lentil Salad with Ramp Vinaigrette

Wild ramps are in season here in New England and I’ve been enjoying their lovely flavor in a number of different dishes. Last year I made the French lentil salad from The Splendid Table and it was an instant favorite on our Thanksgiving table. This week I decided to adjust the recipe a bit based on what I had available at home, including some fresh ramps, and I love it even more!

thai basil gin fizz

Thai Basil Gin Fizz

I bet this would be delicious with a bit of Thai basil muddled into the lime juice and bitters, but I didn’t have any on hand to try it. The flavor from the bitters alone is pretty awesome.

gin and cherries

Cherry Gin Fizz

I featured this cocktail at a recent holiday party and it went over really well, even amongst folks who typically don’t love gin. I garnished some of those with rosemary, some with thyme, and some with just the lime.

maple chive parsnip cakes

Maple Chive Parsnip Cakes

A little sweet for my tastes, hence the reasoning behind only 1 teaspoon of maple syrup, but if you dig the sweet stuff feel free to add more like a tablespoon or two of syrup. I served these with Sriracha and it was the perfect complement.

Ridiculously Rich Potato Soup

Keeping on the soup trend, this savory potato concoction is super thick n creamy. Inspired by cold, rainy weather; an abundance of potatoes, onions, herbs, and bacon from CSA shares; and some freshly made chicken and turkey stock from Thanksgiving birds.


French Onion Soup

Soup season is still in effect. Hearty, rich, and flavorful; the perfect combo of caramelized onion sweetness, salty cheese, and a buttery base.

Two Tone Tipple

Two Tone Tavern Tipple

The most popular summer porch drink at the Two Tone Tavern in 2015 has been this simple, refreshing gin cocktail. Good thing we have farty water on tap and fresh mint growing here!


Barbacoa Beef

Succulent braised and shredded beef perfect for tacos, enchiladas, salads, or even just to dig into with a fork. Very similar to my favorite carnitas recipe, but with beef instead of pork and some slightly different seasoning.